Scott City Public Works

Most of the City's resources are dedicated to critical infrastructure including streets, clean water, sewers, stormwater and related services such as trash and recycling. The City Council has been responsive to citizen input asking for enhanced street maintenance. The Annual Water report can be found at

Department Information

The Scott City Water Department is located at 1716 East Outer Road, Scott City, Missouri 63780. We can be contacted by phone at (573) 264-2157.

Scott City Water Plant
1716 East Outer Road,
Scott City, Missouri 63780
(573) 264-2157

Bulk Drop Off

Our residence may use our city dumpster to drop off appliances (white good items), furniture, and items that are too big to fit in your residential trash cart. All appliances that containing freon must have the freon removed by a licensed HVAC technician. The appliance must be tagged stating that freon was removed.

We DO NOT take construction debris.

The City of Scott City has a city-wide bulk drop off event twice a year, spring daylight savings time and fall daylight savings time, Dates will be announced closer to the time of the event. Residents will then be able to obtain their free permit from City Hall.

Limb Debris Disposal

Tree limbs and bundles of branches may be delivered by City residents to the Public Works Department during normal business hours. All tree limbs and brush requested for removal must be less than four (4) inches in diameter. All brush requested for removal shall be securely tied in bundles no larger than forty-eight (48) inches long by eighteen (18) inches in diameter and the weight for any individual bundle shall not exceed seventy-five (75) pounds. We do not except leaves in bags. A permit is required, but no fee shall be charged. Residents may obtain a free permit at City Hall. The Public Works Department shall not accept any tree trunks, branches or limbs delivered by commercial tree service. This includes residence who hire a tree company for tree removal.

Boil Water Orders

A boil water order is issued by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to public water systems when a threat to the public health exists, or is likely to exist, that boiling the water will remedy. The public water system is then required to notify consumers as soon as possible, and by the most effective methods, that need to boil their drinking water. If there is a water main break and a boil water is in place, we will inform our residents through our website, facebook page, and our local news.
MDNR Boil Water Orders and Advisories

Scott City Public Works Staff - Updates coming soon!

Follow Up with Us

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please email us at and we will reach out to you soon as possible or visit our contact page.