Here you will find all you need to get started in obtaining a City Business or Contractor's License.

Business Licenses expire on June 30th of each year. If you are signing up for a new license, you will be prorated based on the month you sign up in. If you sign up in the month of June we will simply charge for the current month plus the next full year. A Contractor's License is good for a one year period. They are valid from July 1st through June 30th and are $25.00 per year.

How this works

First download, print, and complete the application below. Then return the application along with payment to City Hall during business hours. Be sure to bring along any paperwork the forms ask for–be sure to read carefully!

Business Group #1 ($25)
  1. Retail Merchandising (3 employees or less)
  2. Advertising agent
  3. Ambulance service (for profit)
  4. Antique shop
  5. Appliance repair service
  6. Appraisal Company
  7. Architect (w/ office in City)
  8. Automobile parts and accessories sales
  9. Bait shops
  10. Bakery
  11. Barber shops
  12. Beauty parlors
  13. Bed and breakfasts
  14. Blacksmith shops
  15. Boarding house
  16. Bowling alleys
  17. Building contractor
  18. Cabinet shop
  19. Catering services
  20. Cigar and tobacco dealers
  21. Cleaning service
  22. Computer sales and service
  23. Cosmetic sales
  24. Day care
  25. Electrical contractor
  26. Electrical merchandise
  27. Excavating/hauling
  28. Fitness center
  29. Floral service
  30. Frozen food lockers
  31. HVAC contractor
  32. Ice cream stand vendors
  33. Insurance agent (w/ office in City)
  34. Laundry agent
  35. Liquor store
  36. Machine shops
  37. Moving vans and vehicles
  38. Music sales
  39. Nurseries, landscaping, and lawn care service
  40. Painting contractor
  41. Palm readers, astrologers, etc.
  42. Pharmacy
  43. Photographers
  44. Plumbing shop/contractor
  45. Real estate agent or broker (w/ office in City)
  46. Refrigeration and repair
  47. Rental services
  48. Rental storage units
  49. Restaurants
  50. Roofing contractor
  51. Sheet metal shop
  52. Shoe repair shops
  53. Skating rinks
  54. Tailor/seamstress
  55. Tree service
  56. VCR/TV/radio repair shops
  57. Vending machines
  58. Veterinarian and pet grooming and boarding (w/ office in City)
  59. Boarding
  60. Video rentals
  61. Welding Wood dealer or draying
Business Group #2 ($50)
  1. Agricultural/farming (within city limits)
  2. Arcade / pool hall
  3. Auction house
  4. Auto repair shop / garage
  5. Automobile dealers
  6. Banking / savings and loan / mortgage loan companies
  7. Car wash
  8. Convenience store with fuel pumps
  9. Dry cleaners
  10. Equipment rental and sales
  11. Farm implement dealer
  12. Fresh meats and meat processing
  13. Full service gas and auto repair
  14. Funeral home
  15. Grain elevators or selling or offering for sale grain, seeds, fertilizer or farm supplies
  16. Grocery store
  17. Lumber yard
  18. Mobile / modular home sales
  19. Pest control
  20. Retail Merchandising (more than 3 employees)
  21. Tavern / bar
  22. Tire sales (retail)
  23. Trucking companies and delivery services (having a business office within the City)
  24. Truck and trailer sales
Business Group #3 ($100)
  1. Heavy equipment repair and sales
  2. Hotels / motels
  3. Pawn shop
Business Group #4 ($250)
  1. Warehouses, manufacturing establishments
  2. Wholesales merchandising business
Business Group #5 ($500)
  1. Hazardous waste storage
  2. Junk dealer / salvage yard
Business Group #6 (Vary)
  1. Auctioneer (if they maintain a business office in City)
  2. Canvassers, itinerant
  3. Peddlers
  4. Taxicabs
  5. Carnivals or Street Fairs

Permit Downloads

Here you can find the different permits you need, all available online. You can download, print, and turn it in to City Hall. Please select which Permit you are interested in from the list below to download. Please read and follow the rules on each form.

  • building zones icon

    Building/Zoning Permit

  • mechanical permit

    Mechanical Permit

  • plumbing permit

    Plumbing Permit

  • trash dump icon

    Trash Dump Permit

  • demolition icon

    Demolition Permit

  • building zones icon

    Building Permit Extension

  • electrical icon

    Electrical Permit

  • signage icon

    Signage Permit

  • fence icon

    Fence Permit

  • pool icon

    Pool Permit

  • electrical icon

    Excavation Permit

  • utv icon

    UTV Permit

  • hydrant use icon

    Hydrant Use Permit

  • electrical icon

    Employment Application

  • rental icon

    Rental Registration

  • trailer removal icon

    Trailer Removal Permit

  • mechanical permit

    Sewer Services Permit

Follow Up with Us

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please email us at and we will reach out to you soon as possible or visit our contact page.